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The Future


The future Generation


Having become an adult in the 2010’s, I’m a Snowflake by definition and a Snowflake by nature the wrinkly's
would call me “a cocky little bastard!”

I am a unique and special person along with everyone else, just because I'm young and have different ideas and values doesn't make me any better or worse than the older generation.

Letters -V- emails.
Who in their right mind would go out and buy a pen & paper, an envelope and a stamp, let alone sit down and actually write a letter by hand, only to walk to the postbox and wait days for a reply?

In my world I can simply use my mobile, tablet or PC, compose an email, send it instantly, without even moving and get a reply within seconds.  It’s a no brainer.

The telephone
Who in 2019 would have a landline, or go out in search of a phone box, that stinks to high heaven of urine and probably doesn't even work?

Today I can use my mobile to send a text, make a voice or video call to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly, without any cost?

I was born as part of the Europiean Union and have been governed all my life by their rules and laws, as well as those of the United Kingdom.

For all of my life and have watched this country develop better attitudes and tolerances to political correctness, gender equalises, racism, disability and LGBT issues. So, why put all this at risk, costing us billions to change back to a system that did not work in the first place?

People come and people go, So why do the older generation seem fixated and obsessed about the arrival of more foreigners and refugees to our country?

From where I see it, immigrants seem to  be a valuable commodity and workforce, who are dedicated to bettering themselves, their lives and their families. With this introduction of different religions and cultures in our society, we have a more varied and diverse future, which in turn can only be good for our country as a whole.

Yes we are generally less patient than the older generation, but with good cause. Why would we do a job, or try to solve a problem in the slow and boring tried and tested way?

We are made up of digital natives and both know and understand technology, we learn new things quickly and are able to find creative ways to solve our problems, all in all we can adapt to anything.

Why should we tolerate the old ways, when we can improve and better them?

We can’t unlearn the level of tolerance, knowledge and sensitivity that we’ve developed in childhood, or change how we instinctively deal with situations. However, we can learn to tolerate things by dealing with what life throws at us and although we are constantly accused of being intolerant, it’s normally the media who point out the negative aspects.


Throughout my generation, attitudes towards gender and the LGBT community have improved leaps and bounds and have certainly changed for the better. People are no longer having to hide their inner identity and are able to assign themselves to who they feel that are on the inside. For centuries people have been trapped in a gender stereotypical form, and suffered all their lives trapped inside the wrong body.

The Conclusion

So, In my future I'll live a life of perfection, a life where I'm safe and secure, in a world full unique people, surrounded by wonderful things to make life perfect. We won't need mobiles, tablets, video games and TV's, technology will be so advanced we'll just have a WiFi chip in our head.

The Snowflake generation will eradicate illness and disease in my lifetime and man will live without hunger and starvation, in harmony with each other untill the end of time.

Jack Howarth 06/08/2019
Copyright Snowflake Britain
All rights reserved.

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