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The Past


The past Generation


Having become an adult in the 1970’s, I’m a traditionalist by definition and a traditionalist by nature, Snowflakes would call me “a boring old fart!”

I’m not unique, or a special person, I'm just an ordinary “Joe Blogs” along with everyone else and just because I’m old and have traditional ideas and values doesn’t make me any better or worse than the younger generation.

Send an email, how impersonal, how rude “and we call them sensitive”. Writing a letter is an art, a craft, an expression of who we are and how we think and has been part of the basis of human communication for generations. Forget all the rush, take your time and get  across what you really want to say to someone, pop it in the post box and patiently wait for a reply.

Why would I want a phone glued to my hand 24/7?

Where's the fire? the sun will still come up in the morning and I couldn't give a flying fig what other people had for breakfast, nor do I want to look at their holiday photographs and videos, or watch them boil an egg. At the end of the day, if someone wants to contact me, pick up the piggin phone and ring me, if i’m home and want to answer it, I will.

I was born and raised in Great Britain, the once  great nation that stood out in the world. My parents and grandparents fought two world wars to keep the invading Nazi German army from controlling our country, so why on earth we joined the EU in the first place, is beyond me.

Don’t get me going… multicultural integration, your having a laugh.. On April 28th 1968, Enock Powel made a speech called “The Rivers of Blood” at the Conservative  Political Center in Birmingham. In that speech, (which is a bit taboo today and frowned upon by Snowflakes,) he both foresaw and predicted the social unrest that was to come, surrounding immigration and race, which we now see in the news every day.

Life's just like a box of chocolates. "sorry wrong script"

Life’s so fast today and no one has the time to sit and relax in the privacy of their own home and read a good book, without the constant ping of notifications on Snowflakes mobiles.

As the older generation we are used to waiting for the things that we both need and want. When we got married before the millennium and found a home to start a family, the first two things that got, were a bed and a cooker, everything else had to wait until we could afford it, even the TV, imagine that today?

The first two things on the list before the Snowflake family will make home, is a phone signal and Broadband, without which they would be completely lost, thereafter everything else would be bought by the bank of mum and dad, or from brighthouse.

Why should we tolerate the new ways, when the old one’s have worked quite well since time began?

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.. It’s fine to make life simpler, but not at the expense of tried and tested traditions. They say patience is a virtue, but that’s only the view of the older generation, as for the Snowflakes, it’s all me me me, now now now...  

I prefer the old fashioned traditional ways and values of life, when men were men who went down the pit and grafted to feed the family's, whilst women stayed at home to cook and clean the house and bring up to the kid’s.

None of this gender equality crap, there are only two, male and female, no in between and no gender neutral, boy’s are boys and play with blue cars, soldiers and guns, then grow up men and girls are girls and play with dolls and pink prams and grow up to be women.

The Conclusion

All in all the world's going down the pan and everything's changing to fast, without understanding the long term consequences. life's like being trapped in a sink bowl, going round and round and down the plug hole, until one day soon, we'll all see a big flash, (we wont here the bang) we'll just evaporate on the spot and leave a black shadow on the pavement, as the white ash rains down on us, like Snowflakes..

Steve Howarth 06/08/2019
Copyright Snowflake Britain
All rights reserved.

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